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"I had a life changing experience last Saturday. no amount of words can describe the gratitude that I feel for beautiful Maria for holding such a safe healing space, where a group of incredibly caring, loving exquisite beings held me gently, caressing me lovingly with their divine light, and allowed me to freely float from a place of trepid anticipation, insecurity and hatred of my body, to one where I knew I was beautiful divine love embodied in an avatar upon this earth. I embraced my body in a way I had only ever dreamed of, and awoke to the divine humour of moving from a place of self-disgust to one where I have begun my journey of self love. All because I let a group of beautiful souls, who bore no agenda, only unconditional love, anoint me with their light through their hands. The healing I experienced, simply put, was off the richter scale. Thank you thank you thank you xXx" ~ Andi von Cacao

"Thank you for the most brilliant incredible journey of experience that was out of the world and just superb, your enlightenment and intuition was like flying through a storm ridden night on auto pilot without a care in the world. The group was so wonderful, each and every person, I was truly honoured to have received by all." ~ Peter Bond 



“Maria's work transform's lives.... I was held and nurtured for hours in a crucible of intimacy and emotional safety.... I learnt to receive at a deep level.... and to experience Tantric Alchemy in a heart opening and sensitive space.... A True Initiation into Love.....” ~ Michael Day

"Being part of the many-handed massage ritual was deeply honouring for me. From the wonderfully calming meditative decor of the room; to having water to hand; to the beautiful music and to the easily flowing structure of the ritual, Maria created and held sacredness. Trust, respect, acceptance and surrender effortlessly filled our space. 
The giving and receiving of sacred touch were both gift for me. The hands that touched me were messengers of hearts full of Love, and equally, through my touch, I experienced myself reverencing the divine in the other.
What a joy to honour myself, be honoured and honour the other.
Namaste beautiful Maria." ~ Rose O'mahoni


"I enjoyed Maria's Quantum healing massage. The space is comfortable and beautiful, with a large Indian god on one wall, opposite the Buddha. Maria creates a safe, grounded space, expressing the spiritual aspects of her sensual practice. I felt loved and supported. I was continually aware of the beauty of human bodies as we caressed each other. At the end, we collapsed in a loving heap." ~ Abigail Maxwell 

"Wow! Such an amazing energy last night! Thank you so much to the divine Maria, for holding such a beautiful space of healing transformative touch - inspired + intuitive. I was so grateful to be included in this launch event." ~ Mark New



“Many thanks Maria this was another blissful healing evening with other selected conscious Souls. The way you lead these sessions gets better all the time and the energy flow is amazing when giving and receiving massage. Having many hands providing the healing touch makes these evenings really awesome, it's not sexual but everyone gives unconditional loving touch and intention which is perfect and very natural making even first time visitors feel at ease and just as appreciated and loved as the many regular men and women at these gender balanced events. Please do more when you move and remember your London friends  xxx” ~ Robert Corrie



“Maria what a beautiful space you created  The shared connection was exactly what I needed to help me see clearly, and move though some stuff in me.” ~ David Barker

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