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John Paul Brannan



John has been following the spiritual path for several years and in that time has progressively evolved through love, connection and spirit. He has worked with various healing modalities including intuitive energy healing and shamanism. John has found a unique way of combining all he has learned to create a fully intuitively channelled healing practice.

He worked for several years as a chef and through his spiritual path he found that was able to interpret and work with the energy in food and was given inspiration from one of John's personal hero's, the blessed being Dr Emoto Massuro whom he met in 2013. 

John has also worked in areas of conscious sexuality and Tantra which led to his healing touch bodywork.  He trained with Maria Gatinho in Quantum Love Healing where his natural gifts, huge heart and ability to hold a safe space have facilitated great transformations with both one-to-one clients and workshops.
For any of the Quantum Love Healing sessions featured, please contact John directly, or visit his website to see what else he offers - John has a Shamanic practice called Healing River (see website below).
Phone: 07873147622
Email : shamanjohn@outlook.com
Website: www.healingriver.co.uk